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Hello! I'm glad you are here!

I’m Alicia, and I am your #EmpowermentEnthusiast. 

I am an educator at heart and I love to empower and encourage others. 



Do you have to be a Kale-Chomping, Crunchy-Granola-Eating Vegan, Birkenstock wearing Gal to use oils? NO!! You do not. 

Maybe you are the "hair in a scrunchy, pj bottoms on, running through the drive-thru on your way to school/practice/game/rehearsal, just-trying-to-make-it-through-the-day" kind of parent. If this is you - the last thing you need to do is to add "doctor visit" to that list, right? I get it.


I can help, you, Mama.


I do ask one thing: You DO have to be open-minded and willing to make changes to your home and your family. (DONE, right?) 


These oils are for EVERYONE - college students, mamas, daddios, teens, babies, grandparents, aunts, uncles, the babysitter, the doctor, the lawyer, the veterinarian, AND your pets (yes, really)!!


You can run or walk, but I'm glad you are here for the journey.

I'm The Wife to The Professor and a Homeschooling Mama of One AWESOME young man (lovingly referred to as The Kid). I have been studying healthier, natural solutions for over a decade.  

I grew up dealing with severe allergies and asthma and once we moved to Georgia it all RAMPED up! I had dietary issues and back problems. I suffered from migraines and none of the prescriptions offered any kind of relief for this issue. 


I was a MESS! 


Some of the solutions I found with the doctors were okay (except for the migraines), but not all of them worked. And, those that did were not things I wanted to use long-term if I could help it. 

I didn't really know what to do or where to start, and my doctors, while 

knowledgeable in medical treatments, were not interested helping me find my way with alternative solutions or nutritional support.


I get it.

I got serious about a more natural approach and more healthy options when I became pregnant (like you do). I was very ill during my pregnancy and most of the proteins I used to eat made me sick, so I knew I had to find alternative ways to support my body nutritionally. Additionally, my adverse reactions to fragrances, candles, lotions and body care, cleaning products - and so many other traditional household things - increased dramatically.


My body was telling me that things needed to change. 

I started using essential oils for cleaning, but I didn't know much more about them back then. I was juggling a new baby and working full time while my husband got his degree. I didn't have much extra time to learn about the basics. Some of my friends used essential oils, too, but they mainly used them with their families and were not in a position to feel like they could help me learn about them, either.


I felt like I was still spinning in circles. 

Fast forward to today - my focus has definitely changed. I have researched what works best for our family, but I am constantly expanding my knowledge base so I can help others.

My son and I survived what could have been a fatal car collision when a man decided to cross in front of us while I was driving 55 mph. We were able to walk away, but suffered numerous issues after the crash. Thanks to the Lifelong Vitality and other supplements along with my oils, I now walk pain-free and my PTSD and anxiety have decreased. 

I am breathing better than I ever have, and my family is supported in their daily and long term health. We use our oils and supplements every day. Whenever a small issue does arise, I can address it immediately. If we absolutely need the doctors, we will go - I still believe in the medical community! But, if I can avoid the drive and the co-pay, the germy waiting room, AND the side effects, I do. 

So....I do believe in alternative solutions and finding your way in this crazy world. But, I want it to be easy for you. I will help you find what works for YOU. 

My truth: We are all on a path - we are just joining at different places, and I'm here for you - wherever you are in your journey. 

Let’s Learn and Share together! :-)

If you have questions, text me at 678-842-3848 or find me on Facebook and I will help you get started. It's really easy! #JustOilYourself

*I am Certified in Reiki, Foot Zoning, and the AromaTouch Technique, and I'm an Oracle card reader. I am studying EFT, Animal Reiki, and crystals. Do you have to be interested in these modalities to join me? No! (But, if you are, let's talk!)

*Education is my JAM!!! I taught Educational Psychology at the local university for five years. I loved teaching and loved my students; I knew I was making a difference. But, it was taking too much time away from my FAVORITE student - my son. I was missing too much. But, I still wanted to help with our finances and I wanted to find a greater purpose. I missed helping others and making a difference. 

*I am BLESSED to be able to stay home, teach my #1 Kiddo AND combine my passion for teaching with my desire to partner with others as they improve their health and wellness. 

***WANT TO JOIN ME???***