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What is a Foot Zone or Flowology?

Zone Therapy is a Holistic approach to imbalance in the body. All of the body’s cells and organs work together best when the body is in homeostasis. The body is a complex system and it was created to be in Balance. 

In Foot Zones and Flowology, I use the meridians and maps of the body which are present on the feet. In my practice, I apply essential oils, specific to your needs, and then work on the various pressure points to detoxify and align the body systems. I do not treat "symptoms"... Instead, I take a Holistic approach to healing.

In a Flowology session, we work on specific energy centers in the body. 


In each Foot Zone session, we work on the body as a system - working on muscles, skeletal and lymph. Normally, a complete zone will be conducted each time, and no partial zones will be performed. 


Whatever modality I use, I partner with your energy body to bring healing.

Bringing Balance to the body in this way takes time. When beginning energy work, it is often recommended that you schedule multiple and consistent sessions over the first 2-3 months. After that, you can discuss a schedule that will best meet your overall health needs.

What to EXPECT DURING a session?

A session usually occurs while you are in a comfortable seating position. A session typically takes anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half, depending on your current state of health. 

Multiple and consistent sessions are recommended in the first few months as your body begins to return to a state of homeostasis. You and I will then determine a schedule that will best allow you to reach your individual health goals.

Things for you to do BEFORE your session:
1. Drink up! Water, though! 😉 Please make sure you are hydrated! Our energy systems work best with a high state of FLOW, and water is crucial to this. 

2. Eat something light and healthy. You will be healing - so make sure you have good food energy in your body.

3. And, please come with clean feet!😉

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